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Summer breeze meditation

A meditation on tuning into the rhythm of the summer breeze and our gentle inner experience. It involves imagining a peaceful scene with the wind moving the curtain of a quiet room. An invitation of love and compassion.

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Comfort in the discomfort

Compassion begins with the soothing look, the disarming stare and the gaze of wonder.

I threw myself into one of the best stories ever told by contemplating its significance with my senses, feelings and easing of the body. The Story of the Good Samaritan gripped me once again as I imagined being the bruised and battered man on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho. Robbers did their job most effectively by emptying me of my pockets and they attempted to take away my dignity. The priest and priest’s assistant passed me by, but the Good Samaritan stopped, looked me in the eyes and was totally present to my painful condition. His eyes seemed to say it all and I felt redeemed, worthy and loved.

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