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Introducing my new website!

I introduce my new website, Gratitude in All Things, offering blogposts and meditative podcasts to tune into what we have in a loving way and to deepen our sense of reality, even in the midst of pain or suffering.

2 thoughts on “Introducing my new website!

  1. Wonderful to connect with you , Gavin….thru “gratitudeinallthings”.
    I came across the term…Simple Abundance”; many years ago…
    It has inspired me to accept and live with the certainty that we have all we truly need in abundance,,,when we live simply and with a spirit of gratitude.
    Aine Stack

    1. Hi Aine, ‘Simple abundance’ is a beautiful term and as you say to be experienced with a life of simplicity and gratitude. It’s good to connect with you too. I hope you’re having a fruitful week! Blessings, Gavin

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