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Taming our ox-mind

In this video, I share a personal experience of anxiety and connect with a common humanity of stress and suffering. I summarise important points from psychological research and highlight a contemplative story about the journey of a boy with his ox. I also offer an image of autumn that speaks of renewal and positive change.

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Loveliness in the Haze

Can you embrace uncertainty? I invite you to ponder a fundamental question on self-compassion based on personal experience of finding beauty in the confusion. It may help you navigate the haze as you partly transition back into your physical workspace.

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America, we courageously can

Joe Biden’s birthplace of Scranton in Pennsylvania was the first spot I learned to cultivate the American ‘Can-Do’ attitude. Don’t my University of Scranton buddies know what I’m talking about? Even later illness as a volunteer and struggle with mental health could not shake it off. Here’s to the best of the USA!

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Value of time: 3 of 3

A creative video on how we spend time with our family or community during the Covid-19 crisis. God speaks to the inner critic, the inner observer and the inbetweener again, asking: “What would you say to a family or community member whose cracks are beginning to show? How would you treat them?” Scripture: Matthew 7: 1-5. Continue reading “Value of time: 3 of 3”

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Mellow flame of love

I respond to a decrease in overall satisfaction with life during the pandemic and a challenge from a listener. I draw from Ignatian Spirituality to explore the mellow flame of love that sustains us through the ups and downs of life. While acknowledging the natural highs and lows, I look to an Ignatian rule of vigilance after experiencing a consolation without a preceding cause. Continue reading “Mellow flame of love”

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‘Bursting Out in Praise’ triangle

I was invited by Jesuit.ie to write a story about my website. The article was called ‘New Ignatian-inspired website’ because I was inspired by Ignatian Spirituality (‘finding God in all things’) to write on contemplative wisdom for wellbeing. Here I introduce my ‘Bursting Out in Praise’ triangle – a dynamic process of transcendence even during the pain or suffering of the Covid-19 pandemic. I also sing my own personal prayer called ‘The Magnificent Magnificat of Mary’, joining with Mary in saying ‘Yes’ to God. Continue reading “‘Bursting Out in Praise’ triangle”