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Value of time: 1 of 3


In the movie Cast Away, Chuck is stranded on an island and befriends a volleyball which he names Wilson. He shares his intimate thoughts and feelings with it and becomes distraught when it is swept away in the ocean. He eventually has to let Wilson go. Similarly, technology has helped us make the best use of our time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Zoom calls with family and colleagues have been awesome! But now we are encouraged to let go and see more people in real flesh and blood.

Our health experts tell us it is important to be responsible in preventing the spread of Covid-19. We still have to live with the remaining restrictions. No fancy restaurants just yet! Just like the way Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus had to stay composed while attending to the body of Jesus for burial. At the same time, we are looking forward to the lifting of the final stage of restrictions, to more light in our lives. Perhaps the Our Father means more than it ever did before. It is a prayer of stability (e.g., “Do not let us fall into temptation”) and excitement (e.g., “Your kingdom come”).

Personally, these last three months of lockdown have been the most creative in all my life (except for cooking… and I need God’s help with this!). I often reflect and pray to keep me going through the last few hurdles. I am excited for a cup of tea in good company. Together, we can look beyond our volleyballs in the ocean and smell the fresh salty air! Together we can ask ourselves: Can we be grateful for the time we have had? Can we be thankful for what this time has taught us? Can we carry forth lessons into the future?

Scripture: John 19: 38-42 (The burial of Jesus), Matthew 6:7-15 (How to pray).


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