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Kneeling knights


I went into my bedroom and felt drawn to kneel on my meditation mat. The view didn’t seem very photogenic, but I photographed it anyway. As I did so, I felt one with the universe for a moment or two. I felt humbled by the gesture of kneeling. I felt as though this is where I belonged. As I look at the photo now, I feel content knowing that I will return to this kneeling posture before I go to bed. It also evokes a warmth knowing that many Christians have gone before me to praise and honour their closest friend.

I am reminded of words from a spiritual leader in the Letter to the Ephesians. He says to other Christians: “I pray that you may have the power to comprehend, with all the saints, what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:18-19). It seems to me that we are more in touch with the vastness of God when we are in a humble posture. We join with the saints who acknowledged their complete dependence, who grew in sensitivity to the love of Jesus, who emptied themselves to be filled with fullness.

I find consolation in a right relationship with a loving and awesome God. Being my own captain and in control of everything is not the way of love; it is with humility, tenderness and mindful clarity that leads to lasting peace and happiness. When we experience this to be true, we are less likely to be harsh on ourselves and on others. Our hearts mellow out of love for each other. We see that a life with God is a life with gratitude.


11 thoughts on “Kneeling knights

  1. Thank you for the lovely post Gavin. I continue to be touched by my muslim friend’s dedication to prayer and the kneeling position as part of it. Whatever job my Gambian friends are doing they stop at set prayer times (much like The Angelus) as do muslims elsewhere of course. On my last trip I was particularly touched at seing the taxi drivers and my little fruit seller friend kneeling in prayer at their adopted spot at the side of the supermarket entrance.

    1. You’re most welcome Margaret! And thank you for your story which calls to mind all those who acknowledge their dependence on God. It’s wonderful too that the Angelus is observed before RTE news. I wonder how many other countries has that? Blessings, Gavin

      1. Aw, I thought they had stopped that in Ireland now. Remember once hearing ‘hail queen of heaven’ sounding from the friary at mid day one day when I was visiting Rossnowlagh, Co Donegal.
        The call to prayer in Gambia of course is part of the day.

      2. Yes, they still have it in Ireland Margaret. I love the rituals or calls to prayer, whether in Ireland, England (is that where you live?) or Gambia! Blessings, Gavin

      3. Thank you for reading Gavin, quite long winded but continue to tweak.
        Must research layout again as I note the About post doesn’t invite comments.
        Have a blessed day.
        Out of interest on Facebook Liverpool Lourdes week started yesterday & can tune in online. Jesuit weekend at knock.

      4. Great to hear of the developments in your own website Margaret. Keep it up. Like mine it’s always changing! Thanks for the event reminders too. Blessings, Gavin

      5. Hi Gavin,
        Glad you can see my website developing ok. Just had the chance to read your post again & further reflect. Yes I agree there is something precious in kneeling.
        Take care 🙂🙏

      6. P.s you may already know about Jesuit week but here is link anyway knock shrine Facebook page or website. Liverpool link is Liverpool Lourdes st home 2020. Dad r.i.p went with pilgrimage in 1969.

      7. Thanks Margaret, yes I heard of Jesuit week! Nice to see the Knock Shrine Facebook page has videos. Blessings, Gavin

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