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Peace please


Don’t take it for granted. Peace is the most precious gift in the world, even better than winning the Euro Millions lottery. For what good is it to be loaded with cash and luxury when you have a monkey mind, a mind of wild horses, a mind of an elephant in rut?

Here are 3 ways to keep your peace this season:

1) Haven

Find a location that calms your nerves, somewhere you can call home be it your permanent place or elsewhere. I have just come from a haven in Donegal, an unknown area to my generation called Ards Friary. Within its concrete walls exists an atmosphere of warmth and connection. There is also a room where all the magic happens. I can’t tell you more other than committing to being there is half the work.

2) Creation

Nature does something to you whether you are aware of it or not. Get out to your local park, sand dune trail or mountain trek with yourself or others and let your WhatsApp messages be (they are going nowhere). Hear, see, smell, taste, touch and attend to your inner senses such as your intuition and impressions of things. Soak it in and enjoy it, and stay in touch with the freshness that it gives you.

3) Mindfulness

You’ve heard about the research into its positive effects for years. It is as simple as 1,2,3… breathe in the cooler air and let it go down to your belly. Let it stay there for a moment or two, and then become aware of the warmer air leaving your body. Try this a few times a day, especially when you feel tension with another person. Watch how you stop reacting aggressively to situations and start responding with strength and love.

Let me know if these things work for you.


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