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‘The Spirit of the Rose’

It is not someone who has a huge, precious diamond that is richest, but someone who is able to give a huge, precious diamond away. Something like the extremely rare purple-pink Russian diamond called ‘The Spirit of the Rose’ that was sold at auction in Switzerland for €22.5 million.

In a poem by Rumi, we are told that being human is a ‘guest house’. What a wonderful image of our being! For each day we can experience a whole range of emotions such as joy, sadness, enthusiasm and boredom. But the question is do we accept and welcome them all as guests or do we resist and distract ourselves by focusing only on the nice things?

Rumi believed that even “a depression, a meanness” had the potential of gifting us with something new. If he was alive during the Covid-19 pandemic, he would meet the challenges with an emerging smile.

In the Parable of the Talents, we see three servants being gifted with money from their master. The two who receive greater amounts invest their money and gain profit, whereas the one with the least amount simply buries his money and remains stagnant. Those who invest are given more and the one who doesn’t is left with nothing.

It reminds us of how we use our gifts and talents today. Do we appreciate and develop them to the fullest or do we do nothing and remain lifeless?

Both Rumi and Jesus point us in the direction of radical acceptance and gratitude for our lives. Together, they encourage us to be the best version of ourselves in the midst of our changing moods.

If we are to thrive during this pandemic, we need to embrace whatever comes our way each day. We need to be free enough to share our greatest gifts, our diamonds, with the world.

What talents do I have? Do I use them every day? Do I share them with the world?

Oil painting by Siobhan Murphy


9 thoughts on “‘The Spirit of the Rose’

    1. Ah good to hear from you Margaret. I was on your website the other day and I see you’re posting a lot. Fair play!

      1. Ah Gavin,
        I see your dear Grandmother passed away r.i.p. I know how close you were and send my blessings to you and your family.🙏🙏🙏 I will catch up with your posts, God bless and take care. Xx

      2. I appreciate that Margaret. We just had Granny’s month’s mind last Friday. She is with us all. Thanks for reading, and keep up the writing too! Blessings, Gavin

  1. Another Beautiful piece Gavin the simple truth in it makes me gently reflect . Keep up the great work .
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Niamh. I’m delighted it helps you to gently reflect. I hope all is well with you. Blessings, Gavin

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