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An ancient story of gratitude


In the Book of Genesis, the senior servant of Abraham is sent to look for a wife for his master’s son Isaac. He meets a beautiful woman called Rebekah by the spring, and she nourishes him with plenty of water and makes sure his camels are also nourished. He gives her a gold ring and bracelets, and asks to stay in her family home. Her brother Laban provides water for him and his companions to wash their feet and a place and food for their camels too. He explains his mission and they readily agree to let Rebekah marry Isaac. He gives ornaments and clothes to Rebekah and rich presents to her family. They eat and drink and spend the night before returning home.

Irish welcome

I recall a story in my own life when I was welcomed with open arms by a new friend and her family in Galway. They fed me, listened to me, and let their space be my space. I shared who I was by showing a collection of photos encompassing the important moments of my life. After staying over and listening to them play the piano for me, I joined in on a musical session one evening with my singing voice and felt alive for the first time in a long while.

Brief meditation

Perhaps we can all be grateful and generous right now, even in a time of uncertainty and Covid-19. Can we think of the warmth and affection of another today? Just like what the senior servant experienced in the company of Rebekah and her family? Perhaps we can pay attention to the direct effect this moment has on our being… After pondering for a little, can we notice how this might move us to share what we have and who we are in return?


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