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An ancient story of gratitude


In the Book of Genesis, the senior servant of Abraham is sent to look for a wife for his master’s son Isaac. He meets a beautiful woman called Rebekah by the spring, and she nourishes him with plenty of water and makes sure his camels are also nourished. He gives her a gold ring and bracelets, and asks to stay in her family home. Her brother Laban provides water for him and his companions to wash their feet and a place and food for their camels too. He explains his mission and they readily agree to let Rebekah marry Isaac. He gives ornaments and clothes to Rebekah and rich presents to her family. They eat and drink and spend the night before returning home. Continue reading “An ancient story of gratitude”

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Journey of healing

Journeying toward wellbeing

I have been pondering recently the steps needed to move onto another chapter of my life. I first want to celebrate a closing chapter, the I Love Bipolar platform, which has enabled me to publish 100+ blogposts over 3+ years. During that time, I have also written for Jesuits Ireland, A Lust For Life and Thinking Faith, presented on Dublin City FM and RTE Radio 1, and published Bursting Out in Praise. However, the huge emotional investment being associated with bipolar on a continuous basis has called me to open my heart to something new. Continue reading “Journey of healing”